Sponsor A Member

 Member attendance varies between 8-15 girls per school. I would love for more girls to join but, most of the time they can't because their parents can't afford it. I have a few generous sponsors but, not quite enough to sponsor every girl who wants or needs to join. Parents of members who could afford the membership at one time have to pull their daughter(s) from the program  because they've fallen on hard times. I've Heard many stories  from parents about how they really don't want to but have to take their daughter out of the program because something unforseen has happen to them financially.

Members attendance to the cultural events, depends on their parents transportation to and from the venue. Tickets can be expensive even with a group discount so, with that in mind and my goal, I pay half the cost  of the ticket for each member who can attend and thier parent(s) has to come up with the other half. This does not always help every girl who wants to attend because their parents may not have the transportation to get them to and from the venue or they can't afford to pay the other half for the ticket.

My ultimate goal for Pretty Positives' future has become to offer the program  at little to NO COST and with your help, I can make this possible! :)

Thank you for supporting Pretty Positives!
Khaalida English