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  The original Pretty Positives Club (PPC) was started by Khaalida English as a result of wanting to teach her daughter ways to raise her self-esteem and feel good about herself in her own skin, to live a life of thinking positive thoughts, setting and achieving her goals, to dream big and to build confidence in herself. As a result, Khaalida wanted to share and motivate other girls to develop a positive outlook on life.

 In 2004 the ideas of PPC was born. Khaalida started PPC in her home with her daughter and her daughters friends from school. She then later, expanded it by deciding to devote her spare time to helping young girls in the Charter & Public School system develop a more positive outlook of themselves and their lives through Motivational Speeches and having them write and recite Positive Affirmations on a weekly bases in addition to extending their education by incorporating basic academic subjects such as Science, Math, Reading, Writing, PE, Music and Art in most of their weekly activities.  

7 years ago, She decided to commit herself to the after school club full-time so, She quit her full time job making a pretty :) descent salary.  Her other reason for starting and expanding the program was to give girls who may not have had a cultural experience  a chance to experience that. For example in the past thirteen years, She's taken them to  see "Purlee" performed by the Mosaic Youth Theatre, the " Swan Lake" ballet, " The Young Choirs Orchrstra", "BRUNDIBAR " an opera performed entirely by children, "Alvin Ailey Dance Performance " , "MIKADO Opera" and "The Cinderella Ballet Story" 

Khaalida now operates her program in 9 schools in the Metro Detroit area 1 in Flint, MI and 1 Recreational facility with plans to expand in the future.     

Pretty Positives was featured on Mitch Albom's Heart of Detroit and WDIV's Live In The D

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